Quantifying The Problem

Whether we like it or not, we're all united in the Ecosystem of Poverty. From beggars, billionaires and the people in between, we're all connected through the different #statesofpoverty. Only after quantifying the different properties of a #need
can we begin to fulfill that need.

Digital Missionary Reporting System

Before we can begin to help alleviate the poor and #impoverished, we need to improve the communication throughout the Ecosystem of Poverty, especially between those in #need and those who can #help. I believe it's possible to achieve this through the utilization of the #DMRS.

Ecosystem of Poverty

Before we can make an impact against poverty, we have to understand poverty and how it interacts with everyone around it. Only after optimizing the communication between those in #need and those who want to #help, only then can we effectively reach our goals of alleviating poverty in our communities. (Before we fix it, we have to find it.)

Where do you stand against poverty?


Are you in #need or can you #help someone less fortunate?