Those who #need

This is anyone experiencing the state of lacking a socially acceptable amount of money or material possession who wants to cross the chasm between privilege and poverty.

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Those who #have

Biblically sound, not everyone will give. However, there are those who will. I hope to help connect those in need with people like you who can #help.

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Those who want to #help

My goal is to connect those who need #help with the helpers who want to do the most good. Based on this principle, I’ve designed an app to help us achieve this mutual goal.

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If you know someone in material need,

I hope and pray you can utilize the resources on this website. Each and every one of us can measure our poverty’s polarity through asking one simple question: am I in need, or can I help? Do you have or not have poverty?

I believe we can increase the effectiveness of our transaction of benevolence within the Ecosystem of Poverty by over 500% through 3 simple tools: The #DMRS, the #NNL, and the analog adapter between the two.

I’m extremely excited to share with you the project of #help. My hope for this project is for you to increase the effectiveness of your current giving systems. While I don’t know your subjective situations, I can tell you objectively that there’s science behind the struggles of this life. Sourcing several different subjects, I’ve come to the conclusion that we can do better together.

Learn to use the Digital Missionary Reporting System in 5 easy steps!

A simple Google form that utilizes Poverty’s Paradox to connect those who want to help with people who need their help.