My name is Chris,

… and I’m here to #help. Okay, bad pun, but it’s true. I’m here to help you in your benevolent mission to alleviate poverty in and around your community. Objectively speaking, you and I want to care for creation. Subjectively, that can look completely differently depending on our worldviews.

My #mission is simple

Someone, somewhere needs #help with something. I believe I can optimize my response to this need request, but I need your #help. I need you to work together with me by sharing the needs of those around you through the Digital Missionary Reporting System.

At the very core, I believe we can create a digital community to who’s mission is simple:

Find and fulfill the needs in our communities.

Someone, somewhere…

needs something within the Ecosystem of Poverty.
Whether it’s a warm clothes, a hot meal, or an opportunity to bless someone,
we all #need something from someone somewhere.

Has a #need

They have a positive polarity to their poverty coefficient.

This encompasses anyone suffering from a deficiency in one or more of the #ElementsofPoverty.

Wants to #help

They have a negative polarity to their poverty coefficient.

Anyone on either side of the Ecosystem of Poverty,
who has the #want to #help.

#Helps make it possible

Community beacons #helping those in #need.

Preexisting groups and organizations who specialize in stewardship in one or more of the #ElementsofPoverty

Before we can respond to the needs in our communities,

We have to find them first. Can you share with the community at large where you see someone in need so that someone else can come along side them with the resources to #help them cross the chasm between privilege and poverty?