The two sided coin

I believe #poverty can be used to describe both people driving fast cars, and begging on street corners. Some have poverty, others lack it.

Consider for a moment that we could use the word poverty to describe someone who does or doesn't suffer from poverty. People share this state of being in a positive or negative position. Either we're suffering from poverty, or we're not. 

Those who #need

They These are people who can be described as having poverty. They lack the basic elements of survival.

When I describe people as people in need I refer to people God-honestly at the end of their rope and need help from other human beings in order to obtain the basic elements of poverty: safety, shelter, food, clothing or employment assistance.

Community Pillars 

Groups and organizations already in place assisting those in need of the basic elements of poverty.

Currently community pillars take on two very heavy rolls in the Ecosystem of Poverty. They take in the #needs of those around our neighborhoods, and they solicit us (usually financially) to fill the needs brought to their attention. #HashtagHelp alleviates part of this burden by sharing only the #need with the community at large, and using community pillars as exchange points instead of lifelines themselves.

People like you

You exist at some place in the ecosystem 

of poverty. 

Either you have (and want to #help). Maybe you're struggling with keeping the lights on or food in the fridge? You're struggling in one (or more) elements of poverty. I believe I've discovered a way to connect those who #have, who #need, and those who want to #help in much more efficient way than the way we're currently doing it.

Whichever superposition of #poverty

we exist at, we all share 4 major properties 

Whether you're in need, or someone who wants to #help the community around you, you share 4 never before quantified

properties of poverty that allow us to mathematically pair those

in #need with those who want to #help. 

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