The #DMRS works with either polarity.

Negative Polarity

Positive Polarity

If you’re not in need,

Then you have negative poverty; that is, you don’t have poverty. Sounds strange, but so is #Help.
The purpose of a Drive By Blessing is so that someone can report the need’s existence to the greater benevolent community, and say “Hey, there’s this guy I see hurting, I want to help!”

This form does that. Simplistic in nature, this form asks for the four most important pieces of information when spotting a need: Where, what, how, who?

You already know, don’t you?

When you saw this person in need, which Element of Poverty would you say that they’re experiencing the biggest deficit in? 

Don’t overthink it.

If someone’s sleeping on the street, chances are they’re homeless and hungry, but since they’re sleeping outside, exposed to the elements, their most important need is #shelter. If they’re begging specifically for food, select food (and build them a #benebeacon!)

In need of #help.

Since this is a drive by blessing, under the #velocity field, we describe their need from our perspective–the perspective of the viewer. What good are we trying to provide or need in order to decrease the observed need? Furthermore why would this help alleviate the need reported?

Next is an email address. Not everyone suffering from an impoverished position of poverty has data access, I get that. 

But if you’ve got this form open in front of you, you probably have an email address too.

This form is just the beginning.

The #DMRS is the beginning of the fulfillment of someone’s need. While you may start the process, many hands make light work.

On submission, this need will populate the Neighborhood Need List, giving any benevolent individual the opportunity to fulfill this very specific need; giving Digital Missionaries an analog adapter for the disconnected; homeless and hungry living on the street.

Until today, there hasn’t been a benevolent system in place that focuses on the need fulfillment, while taking into consideration the breakdown that takes place between the burden and blessing. An email address is necessary in order to communicate more efficiently within the Ecosystem of Poverty.
(how and why explained here.)

Waiting on your email?

The Digital Missionary Reporting System is still in the ALPHA stages of testing. Please give the internet tubes a few minutes before trying to send the form through again. If you still haven’t received the email within 10 minutes, check your spam folder or try again tomorrow. Current email submissions are limited to 100 emails a day. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, please either use this contact form, or visit us on one of our social media pages.