Half organic, half digital, this web app allows us to network between
those in need and those who can help by optimizing the way we ask
who needs what where?”

Reporting the #need

Before the benevolent can respond to the needs in Orland Park and beyond, we need to know about them first. This system quantifies the needs within our community, giving us the opportunity to respond.

Fulfilling the #need

Need fulfillment is multi dimensional in nature. We have to see it before we can respond: No longer a question of “if” but “how”. How can we give toward solving this person’s impoverished plight?

BeneBeacon (B2)

Utilizing the technology behind a simple business card, I’ve designed an analog adapter that provides resources beyond just the material, networking them with potential resources to help them thrive, not just survive.

3 simple questions to #help identify (and share) someone’s need.

Even if you can’t fulfill this person’s need, you can make it known to the greater digital community through sharing it through the Neighborhood Need List, equipping benevolent people with the ability of fulfilling someone’s need somewhere near them.


Before we can do any measurable amount of good, we have to know where the #need is in relation to ourselves. We want to minimize any costs associated with travel as much as possible.


Based off of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I believe every material need can be categorized into one of five different categories of poverty, taking us from a near finite supply to five different choices.

Need #Velocity

This might sound a bit weird, but consider this truth: every person has a personal story of struggle. They haven’t always been where they’re at now, and they’re not always going to be. It’s important to know the story of someone’s struggle in order to equip them with the most efficient tools for their specific situation.

Your email address

This is where the “Digital” in “Digital Missionary Reporting System” comes in. The #DigitalMissionary will receive an email with a #needID tied to the need being reported.

Reporting a need is one thing, fulfilling is another.
Can you donate your time, money or energy to walk alongside someone in their time of need right now?

The Digital Missionary Reporting System is only part 1 of the process of finding and fulfilling someone’s need. The Neighborhood Need List gives you an opportunity to respond to the needs in and around your community.