And it’s about time someone
did something about it.

It doesn’t matter your race, color, creed or religion, in one part or another of your worldview, you believe hungry people should be fed, homeless people sheltered, and people in abused situations protected.

I believe in order to effectively work past our differences, we have to agree on our shared purpose: being the benevolent presence in the communities that surround us.

count me in

Those in #need

Someone, somewhere is in need. There will always be someone out there, in need.


Community pillars who facilitate the cries of those in need to those who can #help

#Helpful people

People like you and me who want to make a difference in their communities.

We can make a difference if we
know what we’re doing wrong

The current Ecosystem

So far, this is the best representation of the Ecosystem of Poverty I can come up with. An idea still in it’s infancy, there is some logic to it. The biggest bottlenecks of our poverty paradox is community pillars. The very same organizations meant to #help the communities around them…

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Solving the problem

I believe in order to reach a point where the Ecosystem of Poverty balances itself out we need to optimize our interactions with it and one another in order to decrease an element of poverty’s polarity reversal time.

Let me explain.

Big city idea,
Small town feel.

I’ve always lived near the big city, but I’ve always had a heart for that small town feel. It’s that small town heart that comes together when one of their own is down and out struggling to get by. 

That’s #HashtagHelp.

Howdy Neighbor

Becoming a

If you’re an already established group or organization that wants to #help optimize your local Ecosystem of Poverty, awesome!

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