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a #need request

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Encountering a #need

Making a sustainable difference

Before we can react to a #need in or around our local community, we need to know where that need is.  Statistics only tell us so much, and do nothing for providing for someone’s physical #need

Acknowledging the need (1)


Until today, this person’s need hasn’t been acknowledged by the bigger benevolent community. Good people might pass by them, and hope that someone else would do something better than them. I’d like to believe this is to due to the lack of confidence in the current equipment provided to those
who really want to make a
sustainable difference.

easily spotted in the wild.

Emergency Services

When we’re in need of the 3 basic elements of emergency services–fireman, police officer, or an emergency medical technician–each one of these segments of emergency services have equipment and a color code that conveys their placement within this web of services. There is a crossover, but each exists independently of one another. No segment currently exists that is

Interaction (3)

Regardless of which side of the Ecosystem of Poverty your #need resides, the Neighborhood Need List allows you to respond to the very real and specific needs around your community. Each and every benevolent person on this planet has the same #need as one another: a #need to do good. Strange concept, but I speak from experience, both empirical and statistical. 

I’ve visited food pantries and I’ve seen a pattern not exclusive to any one group or organization. Up until today, we haven’t been focusing on the #need requests in and around our communities, instead, we’ve been giving our table scraps in hopes that the problem will eventually go away.

Biblically speaking, it won’t.

Empirically speaking: why is it that we can send people to the moon, but not feed the millions of homeless veterans in our country? When Neil Armstrong said “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” I believe he was speaking towards both our achievement as man reaching for the stars and touching them, and for reaching our dreams and achieving them.

the source
of our problems:

Poverty's Paradox

Empirically speaking, I believe that poverty will always exist with the same zeal as my belief in Jesus dying on the cross since both concepts are Biblical. You don’t have to be Christian to understand and agree with these concepts.

Jesus warns Christians of being “luke warm” in their faith, and I believe, worldviews aside, is excellent advice for anyone. Be all in.

Ask yourself: are you taking benevolent actions because their the right thing to do or because you’re trying to #help someone in #need? I believe this is a valid point to anyone who believes anything:

Self examine yourself: is this for you or them?

Interaction (5)


Most signs we see from both polarities of poverty, both on the positive and the negative sides are directed
towards the holder of that sign.

“I need food, I need shelter…”

We also see it from the side of the benevolent communities focused more on the business model and bottom dollar than alleviating more of the burdens of those who really need help?

“For only X amount of dollars a day…” 

They’re focused on money. In some cases, focusing more than 80% of your donation to their administrative costs. Some say that’s the cost of doing business., and I’d agree,
if charity was a business.

It’s not.

It is however, a transaction. When you give towards a good cause, you feel good. That’s biology. I’m Christian, and I believe that that’s the Holy Spirit; tah-mato, ta-mahto; it’s happening.
Both science and religion tells us that this is a good thing to do, that is, to help one another.

Now, even within our busy day, whether sitting at our car at a red light, or trying to catch our next train, we can reach out an augmented hand of compassion.

It’s through this simply laid out business card (full yellow being the front, and the above card being the back) that we can enable both, the benevolent who want to make a difference in a person’s need as well as the person begging on the street. It’s this card that they’d give potential benevolent people to answer the multitude of questions that exist within the few moments we have available.

My Hope for You (7)


My hope for you is that I hope you look past your confusion. I know it’s there, because it’s taken 3 years of conversations with those around me for them to get it.

Imagine what our world would look like today if
Orville or Wilbur didn’t question Otto Lilienthal’s table
of coefficients.
What would our world look like today if Orville and Wilbur never decided since they couldn’t land
that they’d not try to fly? 

I believe it’s this fear that has held this project back
for as long as it has. I believe it’s that fear that
makes this project hard to understand because 
what if we could make a bigger difference
in the communities around us?

Would we want to?

My hope for you is that you consider this project the next time you want to make a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate around you. Consider the fact that this possibility exists, but because it’s new and strange, it scares you.

Can you honestly say you would have flown on the Wright Flyer?

Me neither.

But we didn’t have to. 

Supplies list for any

Digital Missionary

In order for to be the most effective in their role as a Digital Missionary, they must be equipped with a few of the basics.

- Smart phone w/ data access Mostly everyone who wants to do good, has the ability to get online somehow. I'm not talking about those in #need.

- DMRS Analog cardstock A simple conversation starter built within the dimensions of a business card.
Learn more about them here.

- DMRS RFID cardstock A business card designed with the future in mind. A Digital adapter to an analog problem.
Learn why this is important.

- Permanent Marker Nothing fancy, just a utility marker.

- Pen Red, Blue, or Black. A softer, ink based writing utencil.

- Stylus Helps interact with smartphones while wearing gloves.

- BeneBag(s) M.R.E. styled survival kits built by people like you and me to help people survive sleeping on the street.

- L² Zipcode map A list of local lighthouses that they can receive their #needID's fulfillment from.

(2) Equipping the #DMRS


Once equipped, the Digital Missionary Reporting System allows all sides of the Ecosystem of Poverty to interact with one another, sharing both burden and blessing in such a way that benevolent people working at Local Lighthouses can pair together and shorten the lifespan of the #need.

Currently in an alpha stage of testing–yes, you read that right. Sure, it looks strange, goody, and #trashpunk in nature, and I’d agree with you; but so was the Wright Flyer, wasn’t it?

The Wright Flyer, though not pretty, served it’s purpose: it flew.
It’s purpose wasn’t to land pretty, as it broke nearly every time it landed. The brothers and their team would bring several sets of parts with them because their landing wasn’t pretty: the plane broke nearly every time.

The brothers and their team came prepared, as they’d carry several sets of parts with them every test run because their mission wasn’t to land it was to fly. In order to achieve their goal, they had to crash.

(4) Equipping the #DMRS


Depending where we are within the Ecosystem of Poverty would determine how we respond. The Digital Missionary Reporting System’s analog adapter allows for an exponential increase of efficiency between those in need, those who have, and those who want to #help.

For the person begging on the street, we now have the option through the analog adapter of the #DMRS to share our need while adding to our credibility of

“How do I know they’re legit?”

The local lighthouses add to that validity: these lighthouses are made up of people who seek out the broken and needy within their neighborhoods and communities. These lighthouses are made up of Digital Missionaries who utilize these tools to connect the #needs they see in their day to day lives with people who care and might be able to help.

For the beggar, they now have a way to convey the validity of their need. For the benevolent people wanting to make a difference, they now have a compassion confirmation.

For the first time in history, we’re attempting to change the direction of poverty’s narrative. For the first time in history, we can have a conversation across the chasm between privileged and poverty in both directions.

Up until today, the conversation between those in need and those who can help has be all about “me, me, me”. I am strictly speaking from an empirical standpoint. The loudest voices within the current Ecosystem of Poverty are those who are looking for benevolent acts for their self interests

(6) Response


We now have an opportunity to respond to the needs in our community. Whether the ones in material need, or those who want to make a bigger difference in our communities, we now have the tools that make it possible.

Consider for a moment the pieces (or steps) between someone sleeping on the street, and becoming a productive member of society. Consider how many micro burdens these people have. There’s an old Pixar movie I’d like to think about about when trying to convey this concept to people. I found it linked here, starting at (1:45).

The general idea is this: No one person can change the world;
it takes a movement. It takes a large populus (the seeds in the jar) to change the world. Each and every benevolent person reading and sharing these words have something in common with one another. 

We have the potential to do something more. I don’t know about you, but that terrifies me. That means there’s always one more rung to climb, and one more point to be had. If we all have the potential to do something more, why don’t we more often?



I know at first glance this website seems to be the ramblings of a crazy person–my anxiety reminds me of that every day–but understand my purpose: 

Helping those who need #help, whether it’s walking along side someone who wants to make a bigger difference in their communities or pairing someone with cold hands holding a cardboard sign with someone who has the resources to bring them out of the cold.

If you agree everyone needs #help sometimes.
let’s connect shall we?