Welcome to the (working) example of the Neighborhood #Need List
(or #NNL for short.)

Below is an example of the basic use of the information submitted through the #DMRS.

The purpose of these 4 questions is to sort your need into an algorithm whose purpose is to optimize the interaction between those in #need and those looking to #help.


FULFILLED: This gives a public view on whether or not a specific need has been, or is being met. The three different states of fulfillment will be “No”, “Yes”, and “work in progress”

TIMESTAMP: When was this need submitted? In our current system most needs are met in a “first come, first served” method, but I believe if there’s a #need that can be met before another (someone needing #food assistance over housing assistance), it should be.

#ZIPCODE: Where is the #need? Without knowing the general location of the need, we can’t even begin to fulfill it.

#STATEOFPOVERTY: A detailed breakdown can be found here.

#MSG: For whomever is submitting their or someone else’s need to expand on the #need’s #velocity. (more about that here)

#needID: An ID to target specific needs. More about that here.

Fulfillment link: Want to fill a specific #need? Click the link in order to fulfill THAT specific need (in conjunction with the #needID above)

If you have any questions in regards to the #NNL below, please contact me through the Contact Us page to learn more.