This is the
Neighborhood Need List
(or #NNL for short.)

This map gives us need markers that are near us relatively speaking of course. The map auto focuses to the most needs on the map. Like an EMT asking “Where does it hurt?” this map answers this question for the communities at large.

“Where does it hurt the most?”

Each map marker you see is the center of the given #zipcode that a reported need shares. You can flip through these info boxes or sort through your zipcode’s results in the table below.

When a #need is reported through the
Digital Missionary Reporting System

(or #DMRS for short), the result shows up here, allowing good people like you and me an opportunity to respond to the
now known needs around us.

If you’ve already filled out the #DMRS and haven’t received your confirmation email, please click here for a few solutions. Remember, this project is in ALPHA stages of testing as of 10/2019. For up to date news, please check out the Facebook page here.