Half organic, half digital, this web app allows us to network between
those in need and those who can help by optimizing the way we ask
who needs what where?”

Finding the #need

Before we can respond to the needs in our community, we need to know about them first. Even if you yourself can’t respond to the need, you can make it known to someone else within your community.

Fulfilling the #need

The Neighborhood Need List makes answering the question “Who needs what where?” easier than ever. Until today, we haven’t had direct access to looking at the impoverished needs of our community virtually.

Analog Adapter

Utilizing the technology behind a simple business card, I’ve designed an analog adapter that provides resources beyond just the material, networking them with potential resources to help them thrive, not just survive.

This is your
Neighborhood Need List

Every need reported via the Digital Missionary Reporting System is sent to this map. This gives us the opportunity to look around our community and see the real reported needs of our neighborhood.

At first glance,

Taking a digital look around our community, we can see map markers scattered about the map. By default, the map centers around the majority of the reported needs.


The only major need listed on the map is from me to you. I’m here to help you find “who needs what where” and with this map, we can.

Missing Peace

No, that’s not misspelled, it’s a play on words. How much more peace can we experience as a community if we have high confidence that our neighbors knew our needs (not our identity) and were equipped with the resources to respond to someone asking for #help.

Your Next Steps

Today, you have the digital opportunity to respond to the needs of your neighbors, to show your community some digital compassion by reporting, sharing, and fulfilling the needs of your neighborhood.

Congratulations! You’ve reported your first need!

This is part two. First we’ve reported the needs around our community, equipping those around us with the tools necessary to respond more efficiently, both as someone with a blessing or a burden.
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