Half organic, half digital, this web app allows us to network between
those in need and those who can help by optimizing the way we ask
who needs what where?”

Reporting the #need

Before the benevolent can respond to the needs in Orland Park and beyond, we need to know about them first. This system quantifies the needs within our community, giving us the opportunity to respond.

Fulfilling the #need

The Neighborhood Need List makes answering the question “Who needs what where?” easier than ever. Until today, we haven’t had direct access to looking at the impoverished needs of our community virtually.

BeneBeacon (B2)

Utilizing the technology behind a simple business card, I’ve designed an analog adapter that provides resources beyond just the material, networking them with potential resources to help them thrive, not just survive.

This is your Neighborhood Need List

Every need reported via the DMRS (sponsored by Calvary church) is sent to this map. This gives us the opportunity to look around our community and see the real reported needs of our neighborhood.

At First Glance,

Things look a bit complicated. We have filters, the map might look a bit off, and things might not be perfectly formatted, but it’s all there. When we consider “outreach” in any regard, we ask several questions to sort out how to apply our time most efficiency.

Who needs what where?

One pattern I’ve seen within scripture is the order of operations Jesus takes in filling the needs around Him. He goes to the need after knowing what the need was (which wasn’t ever what it seemed), and every need He fulfilled was personal to the broken individual.

The missing Link.

Depending the size of your screen, you might not see the “Fulfillment Link” (scroll the table to the right if not). You find it leads to a form tied to the #needID of the same line, which is linked to an actual person in need. Calvary Church of Orland Park stands between the giver and receiver while equipping both sides with tools to more efficiency communicate across the Ecosystem of Poverty.

Your Next Steps:

Like links in a chain, the links above allow you to connect with someone’s specific burden reported from within the Calvary community. We become a link within that chain of fulfilling someone’s burden by serving somewhere in between the burden and blessing by volunteering in any way you can. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12 that we’re “many parts [that] make up the same body.” As a body of believers, I believe we can come together to be our brother’s keeper and tend to their needs.

The link to the right makes it real. This BeneBeacon has been designed around Calvary Church of Orland Park. The resources listed on the BeneBeacon is information that anyone can find if they have digital access.